Интернет магазин вин и крепкого алкоголя


The history of the company

Almaterra, an importer and distributor of high-class spirits, was established in Kiev in 2010. The company promoter Larissa Mariukhina, a connoisseur of fine wines and a real fan of her business, has managed to display the leading European producers of alcoholic beverages to the Ukrainian market of the HoReCa segment.

Selection of wine

In 7 years the Almaterra portfolio has branched out to 150 companies, these are large and small family wineries. «Winemaking is high art, so we consider proper selection of wine to be a symbol of quality. We are held fully liable for each bottle we supply.” We take into account both the rating of a supplier company and the history of production. Our experienced sommelier and the company representatives conduct quality inspection. We also meet European standards of storage and transportation.


Our customers

Growth in the HoReCa segment has stipulated the increase in consumption and subsequently stiffening of the requirements for the supplied products. That is why our company provides a great choice in the price-quality ratio. We are constantly looking for new products and work to an individual customer’s order. The best Ukrainian restaurants are among our customers, and since 2016 also wine supermarkets, boutiques and hotels of Hyatt, Hilton, Radisson, Fairmont, etc.

Why Almaterra?

We believe wine to be an interesting and insightful business and we develop ourselves by developing it. We attend world exhibitions and monitor trends, tastes and new discoveries in order to present the best products on the market to our customers. Almaterra is not just a supplier, but a reliable partner also. We provide flexible working conditions, we are able to listen and hear each customer, so in a few years we see ourselves among the top three companies of our segment. Join now!